Highly Engaged Employees = High Productivity + Increased Innovation

Nov 04, 2022

 Well Engaged Employees Become Highly Productive and High Performing Teams

A recent joint study between Gallup and Workhuman® explored the importance of employee engagement to organizational outcomes. Comprising 12,000 employees across 12 countries, the results found that the costs of neglecting employee engagement are steep, including limited productivity, lowered engagement, and increased turnover.

The overall decline was especially related to disconnection within teams, not feeling adequately cared for as an individual and a lack of psychological safety -- signaling a growing leadership, inclusion and culture problem!

What mindset and tools do you need to surf these new waves of employee expectations? And how can you build agility in your organization, employees and yourself to be ready for anything?

If I can show you how to improve your ability to build and sustain higher team engagement while understanding the crucial importance of inclusive leadership, would that be of value for you?

How to Build a Stronger and More Inclusive Team

All remedies and solutions begin and end at the root. Find the root and you solve the problem! This is our philosophy at Shine Transformation Solutions

One of the hot topics in today's ever evolving business world - Quiet quitting tied to the Great Resignation continues to be at the forefront of leadership conversations. And while you may be tired of hearing about it, the idea and impact consume many workplaces and culture.

To stay ahead of the curve, leaders need to develop skills-based strategies that foster team inclusion, increase the level of engagement and be more agile in response to change.


If any of these resonates with you then you are in the right place, your journey of searching for the right team engagement solution ends here.

At Shine Transformation Consulting Solutions , we are all about providing solutions that make a difference and one of our inclusive leadership resources is the Team RoundTable Discovery Experience - one of the most popular and sought-after leadership development tool that unlocks higher levels of engagement in any team setting!

Do you have a team or are you a leader looking to build emotional and social intelligence that unlocks the full potential of the employee experience, then I got great news for you - our upcoming online workshop - "The Secrets to Effective Team Engagement" is your next action step.


Learn how to unlock the full potential of your workforce and and sustainably improve engagement in this highly interactive workshop hosted by LearnSphere / SavoirSphère. As your learning facilitator, I will share easy-to-understand insights and easy-to-implement solutions on how to collapse time in increasing your team engagement and ultimately productivity and results! 

Attendees will learn:

  • How frequent and meaningful conversations helps improve engagement, retain talent, create a culture of belonging and improve your bottom line
  • To better understand the behavioral strengths and styles of each team member individually, as well as collectively
  • Open communication strategies that accelerate team accountability and productivity
  • Thought-provoking questions that identify unspoken and subtle pain points in a team
  • Practical ways to actively engage your team and break down silos

Any team or organization seeking to create a more cohesive and inclusive work culture will find massive value in this workshop. You will gain the tools and the knowledge necessary to create accountability and high engagement within your team members.

Register here LearnSphere | Learning Management System

You are also welcome to book a discovery call through our website if you would like learn how to bring this game-changing experience and results to your organization.

Leadership Game (shinewithesther.com)

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Esther Hephzibah

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