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Meet Esther Hephzibah

Esther is an in-demand Inspirational Keynote Speaker & Facilitator  and is on the list of "Leadership Experts to Follow Online." She is certified with the #1 Leadership authority in the world, John C. Maxwell!

As a PROVEN Keynote Speaker and trainer bringing 10+ years of experience speaking at events around the world, here's what You Can Expect from any of her presentations:

  • Elevated¬†Awareness
  • Immediate¬†implementable strategies¬†
  • High Impact Action Plan with¬†Long-Term Success

Helping individuals and organizations improve leadership intelligence and wellbeing, build a strong sense of identity, overcome employee disengagement, decrease employee turnover, and cultivate a healthy and inclusive culture is the heart of Esther's message!

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High-Impact Events 

Esther brings a unique blend of leadership and diversity expertise. Her engaging and high-impact speaking style has resonated with audiences across the globe, leaving a lasting impression and igniting actionable change. Click here to learn more 


Most Requested Speaking Topics

Esther offers tailored presentations related to the following signature topics:

  • ¬†Navigating Generational Diversity in Today's World
  • ¬†Inclusive Leadership: 5 Keys to Success Through Diversity
  • Developing the Leader Within You
  • Embracing Who You Are in a Highly Diverse World
  • Transforming Pain into Purpose -¬†: Bouncing Beyond Adversity
  • Mastering the Art of Work-Life Balance Through Healthy Boundaries
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Our Past Events have Received Stellar Reviews from Top Leaders and Executives! 

“As a decision maker responsible for organizing impactful workshops and events, I highly recommend Esther as an interactive learning facilitator whose passion shines through every aspect of her presentation, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Esther's facilitation of a communication lunch n learn session for my organization was nothing short of remarkable. With her adept management of a large group of 100+ employees during the lunch n learn session, the event was a resounding success. I confidently recommend Esther as a speaker for future events. Her expertise, professionalism, and unwavering passion makes her an exceptional choice for any event.

Monica Capson.

HR Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Atlantic Lottery Canada 

"I am thrilled to provide a glowing recommendation for Esther Hephzibah based on her exceptional participation as a panelist/speaker at the International Women's Day Event 2022, themed "Transformation of Work." Esther's ability to engage the audience and create an inclusive atmosphere was remarkable. Her articulate and confident delivery captivated the attendees, holding their attention throughout the session. She effortlessly connected with the audience, making everyone feel heard and valued.‚ÄĚ

Cindy Comeau, CEO, C3 Leadership Inc

"Esther is absolutely phenomenal! She is one of the best facilitators that I have ever seen with presentation skills as good as John Maxwell quality. I believe that there is so much value in bringing awareness to parents about having a better understanding of their child's unique personality style and an open line of communication to discuss freely. Esther leads a workshop that does exactly that and I highly recommend it!.‚ÄĚ

Mark Whitacre, Executive Director Coca-Cola Consolidated United States


“Engaging and relatable, Esther led the YWCA Moncton team through an important workshop on establishing and maintaining boundaries. Through inviting dialogue, the team explored and enhanced their personal and professional boundaries, deepening awareness of how our mind, body, and spirit responds to boundaries and their maintenance. Participants left inspired and motivated to make positive changes to establishing and maintaining personal and professional boundaries.



"Esther led a session with our Scotiabank Atlantic team discussing the challenges experienced within households at the start of a new school year. She brought tangible insights that helped challenge the team to think differently about their own personal experiences and generated a great deal of conversation on the day of our meeting and for some time afterwards. Esther exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend her to any organization looking to bring in an external perspective on important family and inclusion-related topics!

Ryan D.


"Esther has an amazing ability to lighten the energy in the room. The way she connects with participants before debriefing their communication assessments was wonderful and allowed our students to share more of themselves. The debriefing of our students' DISC assessments was an eye-opening experience that also encouraged participation leading to a great engagement. We would love to have this session in every following cohort!" Thank you for your AMAZING support and flexibility Esther!!

Andrea E.


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