Experience the Transformation that FLIPS YOUR PURPOSE SWITCH ON 



You're finally done operating from a place of CONFUSION, FRUSTRATION AND EXHAUSTION in your life, career and business
You're ready NOW to take full ownership of your life and stop feeling like you don't have enough
You're an aspiring entrepreneur ready to take the leap from an employee or create your own business
You are eager to find your unique path to the best you can be in your family life, on the job, or in your business
Are you ready to tap into your unlimited source of passion and purpose?

Ready to birth the dreams God placed inside of you? 

If any of this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!


Build A Purpose Driven life You'll Fall in Love With Everyday


Join me for the next life-changing experience at the BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS workshop on the 19th and 26th of February 2022. 

This exclusive two half-day weekend (4 hours) immersive experience is always profoundly transformational!

During our time together, you’ll find MORE clarity on WHO you are, WHY you do what you do, and the barriers holding you back. The answers to these questions will come from a unique place of  alignment with your true self and purpose. 

The Blueprint for Success is a simple and proven step-by-step system that walks you through the process of Discovering the REAL YOU , Creating your pathway forward, and Achieving your goals and dreams.

After our time together, you will leave with a customized Blueprint for Success - one that lays the foundation for the life of your dreams. 


Meet Your Transformation Catalyst, Esther


Esther Hephzibah is the Founder of Shine Transformation Consulting Solutions, a leadership and personal development consulting firm specializing in transforming lives through Coaching, Speaking and Training.

She is a certified John Maxwell Leadership Strategist, DISC Human Behavior Consultant and a licensed Blueprint for Success™ Facilitator.

She has a burning passion for helping women discover their true purpose.

She launched the Arise and Shine Community, a soul-sourced platform for women all over world to Connect, Celebrate and Empower them to achieve their life goals.

Esther’s faith, empathy, leadership, and robust experience with a fortune 500 company have given her keen insights into human behavior and organizational development.

She has been a transformation catalyst for individuals, teams and organizations navigating through challenges to exceed their desired goals without burnout.

Esther lives in Atlantic Canada with her husband and two adorable children.

You Are Not Alone....


There's something you should know before signing up for this life-changing experience.....You're in the right place and you are NOT alone!

I am so pleased that you made your way here and I know you desire MORE out of your life. 


You see, it wasn't long ago that I was right in your shoes...exhausted, burnt out, underpaid, undervalued and drained from my 9-5 job that just kept me spinning my wheel with piles on stress, many layers of pain, tiredness, anger, and a mountain of hidden emotions.


I know the PATTERN of fear, worry, crippling perfectionism, people pleasing and tears that come with serious life setbacks, but I can look back now and say that taking action in discovering WHAT I WAS CREATED for was the best choice I ever made!

I’ve run a successful side coaching business since 2017, but I wouldn’t have made it completely on my own. I had to invest in my own growth: I needed mentors and coaches  who could guide me, challenge me and hold me accountable when things got hard and I wanted to give up.

Let me be that person for you.

Deep down, I knew there was so much more waiting for me but the unreal monster - fear kept me bound!

On the outside to the world, I appeared successful, after all I was working with a fortune 500 company which sounds like a fulfillment planet. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Yes I had days when I felt like I was making a difference but the majority of the time, I was mentally exhausted trying to keep it all together, and I was running on fumes by the time I got home to my family.

I knew I needed to make a change because not only was my family and personal life being affected, my health started declining. This was a pivotal turning point for me. So, I decided to strip myself of the multi-layered mask that had covered my true self!

 I invested in myself by signing up for this same life-changing process and the outcomes were unbelievable but REAL. I now wake up everyday feeling fired up, ready to pursue activities in alignment with God's purpose for my life. I was able to finally articulate WHY I was created, rediscovered my gifts, talents and passion and have the right mindset to keep me moving in the right direction.  Now, I am able to spend quality time with my family and loved ones doing what I love to do and loving what I do!

Since then, I have helped several women gain Clarity on their purpose in life and the same is absolutely possible for you!  

Finding Clarity is such a lighted path that helps YOU conquer the habit of keeping what no longer serves you. You are able to achieve a greater sense of confidence, courage, and meaning in your life!

Now....It's Your Turn! 

During our time together, I'll help YOU achieve these life changing outcomes:

  • Clearly articulate YOUR life purpose, passion and vision statements (this is priceless!)
  • Breakthrough the crippling patterns that are holding you back from real success, fulfillment and meaning in your life and career
  • Discover clarity and confidence in your true identity so you can unlock MORE of your potential
  • Create specific, measurable outcomes to achieve your life, career and/or business goals.
  • Connect with like-minded, purpose-driven and forward-thinking individuals just like yourself
  • Get insight into which activities provide the biggest payoff financially and emotionally
  • Design a personalized "Work Life Blueprint" for a happier and more fulfilled daily living
  • A clear and compelling action plan and mantra for your next best steps 

It's amazing how quickly you can go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated to fully aligned and thriving with clarity on your life's purpose and a personalized plan to live it out

You are only a decision away from changing your life, articulating what you really stand for, and building a career or business beyond your wildest dreams!


Choosing to make this INVESTMENT in yourself, in your business, career and future will give you the lasting FREEDOM and RESULTS you have been looking for.




Will YOU Answer the Call of DISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE Like These Women did....



"My calling has always been in my head. I had all the ducks but they were not in a row.
Like a puzzle, some pieces were assembled and others were loose and all over the place. The blueprint for success experience was like a giant catalyzer that gave clarity and direction to what existed already.
 I knew there were ideas inside of me but couldn't articulate all together. There were things that I didn't realize were there in the background creeping on me and slowing me down. And there were other things that could be matched together but I didn't know how to match them up.
I encourage you to sign up for  this game-changing workshop and awaken what your real purpose is"

~ Kelly Bourque ,Real Estate Professional


"Thank you so much, Esther for the session. You are good at what you do.  It's interesting how different ideas, perspectives, and even bogus stories has impacted my journey in life. Investing in the blueprint for success program has really helped me refocus on what's important and eliminate what's not. I have better clarity and direction on how to move the needle forward in my career. Great experience for sure and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for the real deal!!"

~ Tinuke Adegboyega, IT Specialist


 The Blueprint for Success experience was a turning point for my life. It has helped me to dig deeper for gems I didn't even realize existed inside of me. Before my transformational experience. I always felt like something was missing and was empty on the inside. After this life-changing experience, I felt renewed and aligned with my Divine purpose. I got so much clarity in my personal, social, family, and work life. I literally got a brand-new lens.

My confidence has skyrocketed, and I am now progressively courageous enough to engage in activities I would normally shy away from knowing who I am in Christ brings me such a great sense of peace and purpose. 

I am now able to create a vision that represents WHAT it looks like to live out and express my purpose.

Esther provides exceptional coaching sessions and a follow-up system.

I highly recommend her work especially the Blueprint for Success. It is the best investment I've made in myself. Thank you, Esther. For helping me to restore and find my true purpose in life. You are such an integral part of my transformation journey.


~ Renesha Reid
Payroll Manager

It’s time to transform your life into a thriving success that creates lasting impact 

If you’re ready to up level your career, business, create massive success, and spend your time the way you want to, then the Blueprint for Success program is made for you.

  • Imagine finally getting UNSTUCK and placing your priorities first (instead of everyone else’s)… 
  • Imagine finally being able to stop second guessing your abilities
  • Imagine finally feeling like you have a work-life balance and saying ‘no’ to opportunities that are not in alignment with your priorities…
  • Imagine finally having more energy to connect with your child as a Mum and focusing on the things that really matter in life…
  • Imagine finally creating a purpose-led career or business that brings out the best in you every day

It’s TIME to create YOUR Blueprint for Success! 


What makes Blueprint For Success unique?

  1. Most courses and programs are  informational in nature. Blueprint For Success is hands on and transformation rich in nature.  You will actually physically feel the breakthroughs & shifts happening in your mindset and awareness as you work through the guided content. This is not a cookie-cutter format, and is actually very customized and practical.
  2. Blueprint For Success helps you to build a strong foundation.  Lots of programs focus on strategies and tactics that last for a short period, but never really focus on the core components to help you build long-term success.  And it is not for those who are looking for a surface-level, band-aid training, strategy, or quick tip.
  3. The process used in the program is guided.  You will be guided step by step through this process. It's literally like hand holding.
  4. Blueprint For Success is a LIVE Program.  Majority of people who sign up for programs that are on autopilot, with no live component never finish the course or program especially if they find themselves stuck and needing real-time feedback.  Not so with this program.  This program was designed with your success in mind.  


  5. You receive a tangible product in the mail.  You get an implementation blueprint for success guide, and other tools to ensure your success through this program.
  6. The Blueprint For Success Program is tested and proven.  Every client who goes through this program walks away with clarity on their unique purpose and a personalized plan that serves their purpose and vision.
  7. I am 100% invested in your success and transformation.  I know what it's like to not have clarity and live constantly exhausted.  I roll up my sleeves and serve you at the highest level because I truly care about your success in this program and beyond.