Empowering Women's Breast Health session (REPLAY)

The key to unlock holistic wellness and fully thrive as a SHINE woman is just a click away! 

Here's What You're Getting:

  • One hour of practical insider secrets to proactively manage your breast health no matter your age! (value $147)  
  • Lifetime access to a special breast health handout with  contact for next steps! ($17)
  •  60-day access to the replay of this thought and action provoking wellness session (You don't miss a thing)!

  • A Chance to Change the Narrative for Your Health (Priceless!)

All these for a fraction of the value you'll get!! 

GET READY to empower your wellness journey like never before!

Your Future Health will thank You!  Let's Go!!

What People Are Saying:

As a woman who juggles a lot of responsibilities with self-care often taking the backseat, this was such an enlightening session that got me seriously thinking about lifestyle changes I’d like to make going forward. I came away feeling empowered to start making small but significant adjustments whose cumulative impact can only create a healthier future self.

Dr. Ruth O

Esther's SHINE sessions are so insightful, I usually look forward to  them, I was able to connect with other women, I shared my experience  and learnt from theirs too. We were able to uplift one another during the sessions which I considered very helpful during the pandemic. "Arise and Shine session evokes a better version of oneself"  

Tola A.

$47.00 CAD

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