Empowering Women's Health bundle 3 in 1 special rate(Replay)

Women have spent decades fighting, advocating, and educating, while we have won significant victories, we know that women, particularly women of color, continue to face preventable health issues

This astonishing prevalence provides us with an opportunity to educate and empower each other to better nourish our health.

Shine Transformation Solutions has partnered with seasoned wellness practitioners to deliver this series of  Women Wellness Sessions to YOU!

Our bodies have amazing ways of telling us when it's in debt - and this is a unique opportunity to proactively prevent long-term health issues.

Here's What You're Getting:

  • 3 part series of practical information with a call to action for accelerating Women's holistic health. (value $247)
  • 60-day access to the replay for Hormonal, Breast and Mental Health sessions 

  • A Chance to Change the Narrative for Women's Mental Health (Priceless!)
  • Life time access to bonus resources with practical tips to contribute to your BEST health (value $147)

All these for a fraction of the value you'll get!! 

Your Future Health Will thank you!  Let's Go!! 


What People Are Saying:

"As a woman who juggles a lot of responsibilities with self-care often taking the backseat, this was such an enlightening session that got me seriously thinking about lifestyle changes I’d like to make going forward. I came away feeling empowered to start making small but significant adjustments whose cumulative impact can only create a healthier future self. Many women need to learn these preventative measures and keep advocating for their health!

Dr. Ruth O

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn alongside other women! It was so impactful and had really great, applicable information on women's health! I commit to daily exercises after learning these insights about breast health! I highly recommend this invaluable experience to any woman who wants to take self-care to a new level!

Angela W.

$54.00 CAD

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