Family Stressed to Family Best Webinar (Replay)

 "Family Stressed to Family Best" is designed to help Parents/Caregivers- or any one who works with families - to better understand how to spot the behavior and communication style of children - from toddler through teens and even to adults!

Unlock Lifetime Access to Transform Your Family Dynamics

What You'll Learn:

  1. Understand Children's Behavior

    • Better understand and manage behavior styles from toddlers to teens
    • Recognize triggers and stress indicators
  2. Master Communication Styles

    • Age-appropriate communication techniques
    • Improve daily interactions
  3. Boost Emotional Intelligence

    • Develop emotional intelligence in your children
    • Provide tailored emotional support
  4. Practical Tools and Techniques

    • Effective behavior management strategies
    • Positive reinforcement methods
  5. Long-Term Success

    • Sustainable habits for ongoing family well-being
    • Access to additional resources and support

Lifetime Access Includes:

  • Recorded Sessions for anytime viewing

Take the First Step to a Happier Family Today! All these for a fraction of the value you'll get!! 

Your Family and Future Generations will thank you!  Let's Go!!


What People Are Saying:

Great job Esther! You are an awesome presenter, as good as John Maxwell quality. Awesome job! I wish we knew some of this when our children were younger, would have been so helpful. You have helped several people today! And God will bless you serving others like this. You are an awesome speaker and facilitator, thank you and I look forward to the next one!

Mark. W, Executive Director Coca Cola

I would like to recommend Esther Hepzibah at Shine Transformation Consulting for facilitating an excellent workshop on communication styles and understanding our super powers. Our staff is comprised of 35 great coaches and Esther provided the Maxwell DISC assessment, workshop and 1 on 1 coaching with each of our staff members. The chatter amongst peers was positive and the excitement to learn new ways to communication, build deeper levels of trust and gain confidence was fantastic! The future is shining with Esther and we are excited to host another workshop in 2022 to delve deeper into our personalities and develop skills and tools to navigate the generational expectations. Much love and appreciation for all her hard work and dedication

Lorraine B, CEO Olympia

$37.00 CAD

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