An Intimate Weekend of lasting Mindset Breakthroughs & Birthing NEW Dreams

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Because it's TIME!

What do you do when:

  • You are ready to RELEASE the past and dig deeper to experience a new dimension of¬†FREEDOM in every area of your life!¬†
  • You are ready to experience MORE of Who God created You to be in a NEW way.
  • You are ready for a refreshing overflow that changes the status quo - tired of the sameness you have¬†experienced¬†
  • You desire quality time in a safe space with powerhouse women seeking sacred rest and restoration
  • You don‚Äôt know how to identify the dysfunctions and root cause of what is keeping you stuck in¬† important¬†areas¬†¬†of your life so you‚Äôre not even sure what to work on for things to get better?
  • You are ready to receive¬†encouragement as you also pour encouragement into others.

If you’ve been asking any of these questions, this sacred retreat experience with Coach Esther and other inspiring women  is definitely for you.

No matter what season of life you are, this a refreshing Soul Spa experience and encounter for you to GO UP HIGHER!  Come experience the 5R framework for REST, RENEW RESET

Date: September 27 - 29th, 2024

Time: Arrival time , no later than 5pm 

Venue : A sacred haven place of HEALING, SERENITY, and PEACE where you can nourish your body, mind and spirit.

Location: 45 minutes away from Moncton (specific address provided after registration)



We understand life is really busy with multiple juggling, this is you  this is your INVITATION to REST, be RESTORED and connect with yourself in a fresh NEW way. 

It’s the perfect place to take a break from the constant busyness of life and welcome to relax, unwind and hang out with a few girl friends.



No matter what you've been through or are experiencing, your Creator delights in you and is inviting you to higher ground as You reset your mind with breakthroughs and revelation from above. Your next dimension of assignment on earth is waiting to be unlocked during this experience! 


Come ready to renew your mind, body and spirit through the WORD and WORSHIP alongside other  women who desire to slow down and receive MORE! Get ready for inner work that you never knew you even needed! You are going to experience a NEW visioning mindset! 


What your registration includes

  • Private space to connect and fellowship with an intimate group of¬†power house¬†women
  • 2 Breakfast, 2 Dinner, and 1 Lunch plus snacks and coffee/tea
  • Double occupancy¬†accommodation
  • Group fitness sessions
  • VIP inner healing sessions
  • Breaking bread together and sharing our hearts in a safe space
  • An event swag bag with¬†freedom plan¬†worksheets, and¬†other¬†retreat life tools
  • Reflective¬†breakout sessions, 2024 visioning plus Q & A
  • Printed & digital¬†version of the event program¬†

Please plan to eat dinner before arrival on Friday or bring your own snacks/food items as a potluck. 

For any food allergies/special consideration, please indicate on the registration form.  

We have limited spots available to make a truly unique and intimate environment to learn, process, and connect with other attendees. 

Got Questions? We got answers ready for you at the end of this page!



Most would describe Esther as a mother, coach, purpose activator, gatherer and transformation catalyst. But in reality, she is so much more than that. And so are YOU!

After she experienced a terrible burnout and defining encounter with God few years ago, she became more committed to building communities that empower women to rise to their unique giftedness and assignment from a place of Rest, Restoration and Renewal. 

She is an energetic, fun-loving ‚Äúgirl-next-door‚ÄĚ who loves to encourage other women in fulfilling their full potential.¬†

 It is with glowing anticipation that Esther is inviting a small group of women to revel in a bit of gently guided rest, renewal and reflection together. 

Surround yourself with a small group of growth-minded women who know the struggle of personal and family priorities ‚Äď running a creative business, holding a job, leading a ministry, writing, blogging, teaching‚Ķdot..dot..dot!

Or maybe‚ÄĒyou are not quite sure WHAT you are doing with this season of life!!

Take this time to meet new friends, learn new retreat strategies, and set new goals from a place of REST! 

We can change the narrative together!

Leave re-energized, creatively fulfilled, and revived for the next step of your unique life journey!

Will you join us on this life-changing, life-saving journey that unlocks your growth, potential and impact like never before?

The choice is yours!!

Here's a glimpse of the transformative results participants experience.....

Anne Kelly 

What an incredible retreat for women who are looking for a time to recharge and reset.
I promise that you will come away with a new mindset and passion for your life.
Being able to fellowship with other like minded women has been truly such a powerful experience and definitely worth the investment.
We learned how we can go about being proactive in our self care. Thanks for all that you do. You're a much needed bright light ūüĆüūü§ó

Suzanne R.

Esther's SHINE transformation retreat was life changing!!!
I am not the same person I was 36 hours ago. There are weights and heaviness I have carried for YEARS that have been lifted off and I feel a sense of freedom that I've longed for. 
I had lost my identity as I secured it in focusing on being a single mother, and once that stage of my life had passed, I was lost and had no idea who I truly am. I knew some of my gifts and talents, but did not have the confidence or vision to see how I could use them.
With God all things ARE truly possible! I now have visions of what my life could possibly be, and I'm excited to see where the future takes us.
Thank you Esther and team for building community and a safe space with excellence.

Busola Ladeloye

It was a soul searching and stirring experience!
It's amazing to realize that the answers are always there in Each one of us, Esther provided a systematic way to reach down and pull up the answers.
I'm leaving with a framework, a heightened level of awakening and awareness plus, I've been stretched to next level - to embrace the new, and I'm not going back! Even after the retreat, I am more aware of me and feel a new degree of courage, I've actually taken a bold step on something Coach Esther mentioned and created space for more personal development. Thank you so much!! 

Kelly Bourque 

This retreat experience was the first step to God's New plan for me.

Community is key in the work for the kingdom. We have different talents and combining them at God's request make the vision moves forward and the workload easy. Keeping a dynamic momentum to action through follow-up makes the difference from a regular retreat! Having accountability partners is important to keep the retreat ALIVE!


Pat K.

Great venue, great food, all around a really precious time!

It was such a revelational experience!

One habit that got revived in me is exercise - 6 weeks after the retreat I now have a regular routine with more time to personal reflections!


Check out a recent testimonial from one of our SHINE gathering experience 



Best Savings Offer


Full Payment

    • 4 part series Breakthrough workshop, creative REST and guided reflection.¬†(value $797)
    • Lodging, 5 Tasty Meals and¬†access to your solo reflection time!¬† ((valued at over $297)¬†

    • A 30-day Mindset Detox Action¬†Guide (Full payment bonus valued $27)
    • A Chance to Change the Narrative forever¬†¬†(Priceless!)
    • Life time access to¬†shared tools and¬†resources with practical tips to¬†contribute to your BEST¬†life (value $147)
    • Swagbag of bonuses & goodies (valued at $97)

    All these for a fraction of the value you'll get!! 


Flexible Payment (3 bi-weekly payments)


3 Monthly Pay option

    • 4 part series Breakthrough workshop, creative REST and guided reflection.¬†(value $797)
    • Lodging, 5 Tasty Meals and¬†access to your solo reflection time!¬†¬†((valued at over $297)¬†
    • A Chance to Change the Narrative forever¬†¬†(Priceless!)
    • Life time access to¬†shared tools and¬†resources with practical tips to¬†contribute to your BEST¬†life (value $147)
    • Swagbag of bonuses & goodies (valued at $97)

    All these for a fraction of the value you'll get!! 




Dig deep and discover how to live life from a place of daily overflow in your unique  Identity! 

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