Are you tired of  feeling guilty for prioritizing yourself or setting healthy boundaries in your relationships, both personal and professional?
Do you find it challenging to strike that balance & alignment between self-care and taking care of others (partner/children/family members)?


If so, you're not alone.
Many women especially in the leadership space grapple with these same questions, and this life-saving eBook is here to provide sustainable answers. This curated practical guide offers insights, strategies, and real-life examples to help you:
Recognize the signs that indicate you need to establish boundaries.
Learn how to communicate your boundaries effectively without guilt.
Navigate challenging   conversations in both your personal and professional life.
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What is included?

A life-changing eBook with  interactive quiz.

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Daily boundaries journal & reflection prompts that unlocks a healthy relationship lifestyle

A Gift that keeps on giving - For every book sold,¬† $1 is donated to Women-serving charity organizations in honor of the United Nations theme for IWD 2024, "Invest in women: Accelerate progress‚ÄĚ.

Discover the ANSWER to Best Loving People without Losing Who You Are! Setting Healthy Boundaries is uniquely designed to be an unforgettable and transformative reading experience.

With guided interactive tools, and tailored tips to help you:

  • Respect and value your authentic self¬†¬†
  • Foster healthier relationships
  • Protect your sanity
  • Protect yourself from toxic relationships
  • Thrive in the face of life's challenges
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Are You Sick and Tired of feeling guilty, overdrawn and overwhelmed in your relationships‚ÄĒ Even Though You Are Giving¬†Your Best?

About the Author

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Esther Hephzibah is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Speaker & Corporate Facilitator, and founder of award-winning Shine Transformation Consulting Solutions, a company focused on serving individuals, women leaders, and their teams with personal and professional growth solutions.

With 15+ years of progressive experience in people development, Esther is a trusted advisor to local and global organizations seeking life and leadership transformation, specializing in Women Economic Empowerment, Inclusive Leadership and Team Engagement, an increasingly relevant topic in today's dynamic landscape. Ultimately, Esther lights the path for others to SHINE!

After a major health scare and prolonged burnout situation, she became committed to empowering women's holistic health (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing). 

As a certified human behavior consultant and retreat leader, Esther combines the art of emotional & spiritual intelligence with leadership best practices to provide you with a refreshing experience sure to change your life. Click here to check out incredible testimonials from amazing women around the world.

What People are saying...

Anne Kelly

It was very informative to learn about the main types of boundaries and how they can be applied to different areas in our life. Also understanding common reasons for weak personal boundaries allowed me to explore and dig a little deeper into my own struggles with boundary setting. I loved the great reminder to not get discouraged when our boundaries are met with pushback. It's an excellent book that you will want to reference over and over again!

Ifeoluwa O.

 "This book is THE BOOK of the year!

Self-love, self-preservation, and boundary setting all rolled into one and explained so simply that even a 5-year-old can understand. It’s mind-shifting and eye-opening. I honestly wished this book came my way 10 years ago; it would have helped in managing my relationships better. Thanks, Esther, for this powerful resource that will set many free from people-pleasing and self-doubt. Enjoyed every page!

Lilliane N.

'Setting Healthy Boundaries' is a concise guide on the art of setting and respecting boundaries. Esther's writing style is engaging, making it an easy yet impactful read. If you're looking for a book that blends wisdom with actionable steps, this is it!