This was 100% worth the investment! (from the CEO)
“Thank for you delivering such a highly engaging learning experience, I would love to have this as an ongoing conversation to help me grow and better connect with my team”
“Really enjoyed your presentation today! This has helped me understand how to adapt my communication style with team members”
This is an extremely valuable workshop; my greatest takeaway was learning the different communication styles on my team and how we can compliment each other’s strength.
"An enlightening and rewarding experience! I’m excited to learn more about myself and my team"
“I’ve never experienced such an interactive workshop like this before, this has expanded my awareness of communicating with others on another level"
"This communication workshop was a boost to my self-awareness and would my team get better results"
"Very informative session – Thank you, Esther for your positive energy and engagement as a facilitator. Your mastery of the material and passion was wonderful to experience!"

3Plus Team
Economic Development Agency, Moncton NB Canada

Esther is a gifted presenter and facilitator, during Esther’s facilitation, it was extremely impactful to include team breakout sessions to discuss more about our respective cultures and how each could contribute to a greater whole in their local communities. She has a passion for empowering women and can motivate individuals to reach new heights. She is clear, concise and creates unique value for her audience. She’s a ray of sunshine to work with and I would highly recommend Esther, for Confidence Building, Leadership and personal development facilitation for Women. “Don’t pass up any opportunity to work with her!”  

Doyin Somorin, Population Growth Specialist Fredericton, NB

"Esther motivated my employees to work in a more cohesive environment promoting teamwork and collaboration. Using the iconic Maxwell DISC assessment report, we were more aware of our strengths and weaknesses. My team loved the assessment as it gave us tools on how to effectively deal with different personalities and better understand the behavior of each team member.

What stood out the most is how really accurate the results were.
The insights from each individual report are extremely valuable! After the individual debrief, Esther presented a DISC Lunch-n-Learn session where each individual felt appreciated and valued as team members knowing we invested in their well-being, personal awareness, and growth.

I highly recommend Esther to any team/organization no matter where they are in the company’s life cycle. Her charisma and ability to move us into action gave us new hope that we truly can achieve whatever we set our minds to.”

Natalie Leblanc
CEO - Natalie LeBlanc Insurance Agency Ltd, Canada

The Skills Launch Team all said that your session was amazing, and they learned a lot from you.

Here is some specific feedback from some of them:

“She is very confident, the way she talks and always being positive.”

“Esther said how important we are and how to move on when we struggle.”

On behalf of MAGMA and the Skills Launch team, thank you for the wonderful session you had with our participants!

Anna Mae
Newcomers Skills Launch Program, Canada

“I invited Esther to speak to the women in our Leadership Program at PRUDE and she did an excellent job! She really connected with the women and their journeys, encouraged them to shine and be confident in their lives.”

Amanda Beckwith, Soft Skills Launch Coach, Saint John NB

After my transformational experience with the One on one Coaching program, I created a new reality in my life and now feel renewed, aligned, and purpose-driven!

I finally discovered my purpose.

It has brought much clarity to my personal, social, family, and work life. It's like my lenses are brand new and my confidence continues to soar higher.

My faith has been strengthened to the core and this feeling brings a sense of deeper peace. It is the best investment I have made in myself. 

I love Esther's insightful questions as a coach and the way she makes sessions flow with ease. With simplicity and liveliness she allows me to arrive on the other side with brilliant ideas, options, and possibilities. 

The blueprint for Success Coaching experience was a turning point for my life. It has helped me to dig deeper for gems I didn't even realize existed inside of me. Before my transformational experience. I always felt like something was missing and was empty on the inside. After this life-changing experience, I have so much awareness and clarity to take ACTION!

I am now progressively courageous enough to engage in activities I would normally shy away from knowing who I am in Christ brings me such a great sense of peace and purpose.

Esther provides exceptional coaching sessions and a follow-up system. I highly recommend her work. Thank you Esther for helping me to restore and find my true purpose in life.

You are such an integral part of my transformation journey! 

Renesha Reid
Payroll Manager

When you are engaged in fulfilling your purpose I find that it is at that point you will fly over the storms of life like the eagle. Esther’s Blueprint for Success workshop moved me from total Confusion to FULL CLARITY in my life’s vision and purpose.

Shafay Hutchinson
Professional Accountant, Jamaica

I decided to sign up for the Blueprint for Success workshop because I had gotten to my wits' end and could not go further without crashing out! After this diamond-mining experience, I now feel so liberated, inspired, excited, and grateful. I am able to set and stick to healthy boundaries without guilt. My family life is more thriving and brings so much fulfillment. I would highly recommend Esther’s sessions to anyone who is at a point when they need freedom from limitations.

Dami Ajibade
Digital Specialist, Canada

I would like to recommend Esther Hepzibah at Shine Transformation Consulting for facilitating an excellent workshop on communication styles and understanding our super powers. Our staff is comprised of 35 great coaches and Esther provided the Maxwell DISC assessment, workshop and 1 on 1 coaching with each of our staff members. The chatter amongst peers was positive and the excitement to learn new ways to communication, build deeper levels of trust and gain confidence was fantastic!

The future is shining with Esther and we are excited to host another workshop in 2022 to delve deeper into our personalities and develop skills and tools to navigate the generational expectations.

Much love and appreciation for all her hard work and dedication

Lorraine Byron
Owner, Olympia Allstar Cheerleading, Canada

Before the Blueprint for Success workshop, I knew there was more to just living, I desired more but there was no clarity. I always talk myself down and believed I was not competent enough. The session opened my eyes to my inner strengths and those little things I ignore. Now I know what my zone of brilliance is and I am starting to launch new business ideas.

Manitoba, Canada

"The monthly sessions were so insightful, I really look forward to them. I was able to connect with other women, share my experience, and learn from others. We were able to uplift one another during the sessions which I considered very helpful during the pandemic.
Esther’s transformation sessions evoke a better version of oneself

Adetola Adeyemi
Investment Accountant, Canada