Leadership Development

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​Is your team equipped with this top 21st-century skill?

Leadership is the top skill in the 21st century and will define success for businesses as we emerge from this pandemic! 

This means how well you lead determines how well you succeed.

This is why Shine Transformation Solutions is committed to help equip you and your team with invaluable leadership skills so you can multiply value to your clients, communities, and other connections! ​

​When you work with us to clarify your team's strengths and struggles you’ll take the guesswork out of your future strategies. 

Esther, our lead Consultant has consulted for social enterprises, project teams, and organizations who desire to create a compelling vision, a high performing organization, and accelerate business results through employee engagement. She also frequently consults on Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for immigrant-serving organizations. 

​With the proven Leadership tools from John Maxwell and other leading results-focused strategies, you’ll achieve transformation-rich results guaranteed to:

  • Raise the "Leadership Lid" of your team
  • Promote  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Purpose
  • Create a "Leadership Legacy" of growth
  • Develop the leader within you and around you

​When you put the right tools, in the right order, in the right hands, teams thrive.