Lunch-n-Learn Training Sessions

Gain Strategic Insights That Will Add Value To Your Team

Is your team or organization equipped with practical future work ready skills that adapt to hybrid workplaces and emerging trends?

Imagine a Personal Growth or Leadership Training customized for your team and delivered to serve your specific needs?

From 60 minutes Lunch n Learn sessions to 2 hours workshops, each learning experience is uniquely designed with practical and action-focused strategies to:

  • Boost emotional and cultural intelligence awareness that motivate teams to higher levels of productivity
  • Enhance team communication, engagementsense of belonging and collective well-being to maximize the value of diversity.
  • Expand leadership capacity to shape a compelling workplace culture of inclusion 

 To empower leaders in creating MORE Inclusive workplace cultures, the Lunch n Learn sessions are offered at significantly reduced rates for a limited time and can be booked through our inquiry form below.

​The session averages between 45-60 minutes and is packed with highly usable information in a fun learning environment.

Our goal is to have each team member come away with at least one mind-challenging idea that will spark a desire for self-improvement and increased productivity within your organization.

​As a certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, I am on a mission to add value to leaders and teams as we collectively make a difference in the world. The John Maxwell leadership content has a long and successful history, training more than 5 million leaders in 174 countries, and working with many organizations such as the National Football League, and the United Nations among many others.

​See video and flyers below for highlights of the incredible outcomes from a customizable Lunch n Learn session.

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