DISC Communication Assessment & Workshop

Gain Insights that Equips Individuals and Teams to Achieve Sustainable Results through Inclusive Communication

Are you experiencing a lack of cohesion within your team?

Do you sense a disconnection among team members? 

 In today's fast-paced work landscape, there is a high tendency for misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and miscommunications which can hinder progress, drain morale, and lead to disengagement. As a leader, you face the challenge of aligning your team's diverse perspectives, skills, and personalities towards a common vision.

Our Maxwell DISC report and workshop is the lasting solution you need! 

It is designed to help foster environments that cultivate effective communication, trust, positivity, and a deep sense of value among employees.

‚ÄčWith the proven Maxwell DISC Model of Human Behavior framework, we help you achieve tangible results and measurable¬†impact that:

  • Boost¬†individual &¬†team performance and¬†wellbeing
  • Enhance effective¬†communication and collaboration
  • Foster a culture of Inclusion,¬†unlock leadership potential and more...

Esther Hephzibah brings over 15 years combined experience working for a fortune 500 company and consulting for social enterprises, project teams, and organizations who desire to create innovative solutions and accelerate business results through team inclusion and engagement. Esther has multi-dimensional experience in leadership development, activating human potential and  project management.

As a certified DISC Human Behavior Consultant, Esther offers customized programs that promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for immigrant-serving organizations¬† and the Maxwell DISC assessment¬†is leveraged as a¬†catalyst for sustainable retention of¬†diverse employees in the¬†workforce.¬†‚Äč

Our Maxwell Method of DISC provides you with a game-changing opportunity to enhance your sales impact, leadership impact, communication impact and so much more!

The first step is a DISC assessment that produces a variety of customizable individual and team reports. This results focused approach will transform your organization as we:

  • ‚ÄčFacilitate in-depth training to help individuals and teams identify default behaviors, strengths, and challenges
  • Discover ways to encourage and communicate with other personality types
  • Develop effective strategies to minimize conflict and increase trust

 After a discovery call, we customize each program and approach to meet the needs of our clients.

‚ÄčAwareness of¬†communication styles through DISC has produced some of our most life-changing testimonials.



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"First year we dealt with Esther we tripled our sales!

Hiring Esther as a Leadership Consultant is 100% worth the investment!
Esther introduced us to the the Maxwell DISC assessment report that helped us become more aware of our strengths and blind spots. My team loved the assessment as it gave us tools on how to effectively deal with different personalities and better understand the behavior of each team member.

What stood out the most is how really accurate the results were.

‚ÄčThe insights from each individual report are extremely valuable! After the individual debrief, Esther presented a DISC Lunch and Learn session where each individual felt appreciated and valued as team members knowing we invested in their well being, personal awareness and growth.

I highly recommend Esther to any team/organization no matter where they are in the company’s life cycle. Her charisma and ability to move us into higher levels of productivity within 3 months of engaging her services gave us new hope that we truly can achieve whatever we set our minds to.

The DISC assessment has also been a phenomenal tool in hiring my staff. I was able to radically transform my hiring and retention strategy by hiring employees with personality traits that is mutually beneficial. My employees have a very high level of understanding of their individual personalities and how to better interact with other personality traits in their personal and professional life. The Maxwell DISC is such a life-saver and I highly recommend it!‚ÄĚ


- Natalie Leblanc,
Natalie LeBlanc Insurance Agency Ltd

"The DISC assessment report was such a priceless gift from my employer especially at a time that mattered most in my life.

‚ÄčWhat stood out for me is how accurately my profile was described, even the shadowy parts not everyone sees!

The debrief session with  Coach Esther really helped me ground myself with clarity and will definitely help me to navigate interactions with others and my internal dialogue also.

Through this report, Coach Esther reminded me to keep shining my light, she was such a healing Sunshine for me when I needed it the most. Bringing light to others is really her super power!!

I am so grateful to life for putting you on my path, you have no idea.

I think of the DISC report analysis as a road map for me to use as I go about returning to work full time. It will help me set healthy boundaries and use appropriate communication situationally. I’m very very thankful that this was given to me as an employee here."


- Julie Boudreau,
Financial Services Representative

“Esther's DISC assessment provided me with clarity on a leadership strength I had not recognized in myself. When I read the assessment, a light went on and I said 'Yes!'

This will help me determine my future career path and purpose."


- Gail Lethbridge,
Communications Consultant

"The DISC assessment report raised my 'Communication Lid' and has helped me build better connections that continues to unlock higher levels of success in my organization. It has a unique capability to assess individual and team Professional Style Strengths which is a profound recipe for unlocking the unique talent in employees. It has a data-driven approach that allows you to see tangible improvements in productivity, engagement, well-being, and morale.

This powerful tool is for you if you're looking for an edge in hiring, placement and retention. "


- Venus Taylor,
HR Professional

I would like to highly recommend Esther Hepzibah at Shine Transformation Consulting for facilitating an excellent workshop on communication styles and understanding our super powers. Our staff is comprised of 35 great coaches and Esther provided the Maxwell DISC assessment, workshop and 1 on 1 coaching with each of our staff members. The chatter amongst peers was positive and the excitement to learn new ways to effectively communicate, build deeper levels of trust and gain confidence was fantastic!

The future is shining with Esther and we are excited to host another workshop in 2022 to delve deeper into our personalities and develop skills and tools to navigate the generational expectations.

Much love and appreciation for all her hard work and dedication.


Lorraine Byron
Owner, Olympia Allstar Cheerleading, Canada



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