Looking for something unique to engage your team and break down silos?

​Looking for a fun, interactive, and simple way to close gaps in your team communications, address difficult topics, and raise the Leadership awareness of your team, while experiencing transformative growth?

​The Leadership Game is the tool you are looking for!

The John Maxwell Leadership Game is an incredible leadership assessment tool that helps organizations expand their leadership intelligence and effectiveness.

Why? “Because everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell.

​This interactive game is a great way to bring a team or group together that is unique and interactive. It will allow the team to see areas they are doing well in as well as areas they see a need for improvement. The game is based on the leadership principles of John C Maxwell and is great for company events, conferences, board meetings, annual meetings, or just a unique way to bring a remote team together while learning.

​Playing this game with your team will bring about positive change through transformed communication and deeper connection that creates a more enabling workplace culture and delivers effective results.

​Whether you are a leader of an organization looking to explore how this innovative tool can improve your professional career, the Leadership Game creates game-changing results!

​This leadership roundtable experience is 2 hours in duration and can include up to 12 team members to participate.

It is available in person or as virtual facilitation.

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Put Your Leadership to the Test When you play the Leadership Game!

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