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Life Coaching

I help women discover their unique purpose and bring that into alignment with their life goals so they can shine at their highest level of brilliance.

My life coaching programs are tailored to entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals seeking career and life transformation. Contact me to start your transformation journey today.

Leadership  Development


We help leaders win and thrive through the Great Resignation so they can build a strong and cohesive team that shines brighter as they soar to higher levels of productivity and profitability.

Leadership is the top skill in the 21st century and will define success for businesses as we emerge stronger post pandemic.

​We help equip you and your team with industry leading tools through customized coaching, keynote speaking and highly interactive workshops so you can multiply value to your clients, communities and world at large.

​All sessions are offered virtually and/or on-site to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Blueprint for Success


The Blueprint for Success is a simple and proven step-by-step system that walks you through the process of Discovering the REAL YOU, Creating your purpose - aligned pathway forward, and Achieving your goals and dreams.

​Blueprint for Success lays the foundation for the life of your dreams.


Meet Esther

Bringing out the Shine in You...

Esther Hephzibah is the Founder of Shine Transformation Solutions (STS), a leadership and personal development consulting firm specializing in transforming lives, careers and businesses through Coaching, Speaking and Training.

Certified with the #1 Leadership Expert in the world - John C. Maxwell, Esther is a highly sought after speaker, consultant, and facilitator who offers keynote speeches and workshops to a wide range of audiences. 

Esther has over 12 years of multicultural experience having worked across three continents and has built a strong reputation with diverse network.

Esther creates connection platforms which offers female professionals and business leaders  transformational experiences that repeatedly set them for success. 

​Esther lights any room with her inspiring and transformational message, Esther will IGNITE a fire in your audience that makes them take next steps and BE UNSTOPPABLE!

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Every Transformation experience with us is designed to help you achieve extraordinary results!

Client Transformation Testimonials


"Shine Transformation is exactly what blossomed inside of me as I participated in this meaningful workshop series! Esther introduced the "Shine" concept which allowed me to identify the talents I have within me that make a difference in the world. We built on this concept throughout our journey. Through honest conversations with women from around the world, I empowered myself to manage through the Covid pandemic. I gained insight that has helped me remain positive and look for ways to shine a light for those who need it. Esther inspired me such that I created my own weekly zoom meetings with two groups of women, providing support & best practices for connection & optimism during trying times. I did put my "Shine" into practice! I have also implemented the Arise & Shine concepts in my new volunteer peer counseling job. Thank you, Esther. This experience was life-changing for me!"


- Leslie Krehnbrink,
Founder, ShareaStrength Inc.

"Starting a new career path can be exciting, and overwhelming at the same time.

The Blueprint for Success workshop provided me with tools and insights that helped me grow my business and differentiate myself in the competitive Real Estate market.

​The result of the transformation progressively equipped me to succeed above expectations.

2020 was my first full year in Real Estate and I was rewarded by my company with the President Gold Award. Not too bad for a newbie, eh!

​Find your own recipe with Esther and shine bright and loud!"


- Kelly Bourque,
Real Estate Professional

"After my transformation experience with the Blueprint for Success program, I am feeling renewed, aligned and purpose driven.

It has brought much clarity in my personal, social, family and work life. It's like my lenses are brand new and my confidence continues to soar higher in activities at work that I would normally shy away from.

My faith has been strengthened to the core and this feeling brings a sense of deeper peace. It is the best investment I have made in myself. Thank you Esther for helping me to restore and find my true purpose in life."


- Renesha Reid,
Payroll Manager

Ordinary is boring, so we help you create extraordinary results through transformation.

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Blueprint for Success Facilitator