About Esther


I am an independent certified John C. Maxwell Life & Leadership Coach and Facilitator. I am part of the world-leading John Maxwell Team training 36,000 plus Team members in over 160 countries.

After a 12+ year career working in a Fortune 500 company and completing an MBA, I founded Shine Transformation Consulting Services which stands passionately for YOU and your most authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling life. Our unique transformation approach provides the tools, strategy, and support that are anchored in helping you create a unique path that is in alignment with PURPOSE.

I love what I do because helping people be successful and fulfilled is deeply meaningful to me. I struggled with the same challenges my clients face. I am very familiar with the pressure of job deadlines, family obligations, and feelings of inadequacy. I get it. I know there is a better way. Coaching transformed my life. It is my life’s purpose to help people create a life where they shine brighter.

As an established human connection catalyst, my greatest passion is helping individuals find their purpose and empowering them to create a life where they shine every day.

I am also passionate about connecting individual women and leaders to solutions that are transformative and sustainable.

As a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, I collaborate with women's groups through workshops and keynote speaking to drive equality and meaningful benefits for women, their families, and communities.

I strive to create inclusion, trust, and openness in any training or discussion group.

​Esther has conducted workshops and keynotes on leadership and personal growth for several private and non-profit organizations.

In my free time, I am an adventurous traveler, a public speaker, and involved in my communities, volunteering in various capacities. (LinkedIn profile testimonials)

Shine Transformation Consulting’s suite of transformation solutions include:

  • Leadership Development
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Individual and Team Strengths Finder Strategies
  • Purpose based Transformation coaching
  • Women Empowerment programs

My professional certifications and licenses include:

  • ​​Licensed Facilitator - The Signature Transformation Program (Blueprint for Success)
  • John Maxwell Team Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach
  • Maxwell Certified DISC Trainer – Human Behavioral Analysis
DISC Certified Trainer
John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer
Blueprint for Success Facilitator